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Hello Anime fans it took about a month but here are some new updates.

28 Dec

Sorry guys about the long wait for any updates as we were on a short hiatus due to exams and our daily lives. Well now that is all over Brooklyn College Anime and Manga Corps wishes you Happy Holidays.

Burned out!

Burned out!

During the break we will be planning new and intersting events for the club.  

–  Organizing Otakon 2009 and/or Anime Boston 2009 (*)

– Coverage on Anime related events around NYC including Comic-Con 2009(*)

*sorry to disappoint you guys but these are not College Sponsor trips

– A possible mini Anime convention at subo.

– New  Anime Screenings 

– BCAM publication 2007-2008

– We also have extended the deadline  until January 14 2009 for suggestion on what  we should watch next semester .


Well people finals week is upon us so here is a quick screening for you all

5 Dec
thinking hard?

As a treat to all of  you and to make you more depressed we will screen The Grave Of The Fireflies.

 So bring your box of tissiue paper(not for what you are thinking you Pervs).

thinking hard?

at 12:30 PM in the basement Subo on Thursday  December 11 2008

You want to know what the club has been doing lately?

5 Dec
That is what we been doing!!

That is what we been doing!!

I hope that answers some questions!