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Brooklyn College Anime Manga Corps & Funimation Present Afro-Samurai:Resurrection

24 Feb

Well Fellow Otaku we have a kick ass Screening just for you.  Special Thanx to Funimation

Refreshments and Snacks  will be available. See yah soon….


A Letter Of Apology To Our Club Members

20 Feb

We are very sorry to inform you that this month there wont be a Screening.

Due to issues beyond our control the scheduled  screening  for this month was pushed back to next month.

Also due to the Fact that Lucky Star LE Vol 6 wont be shipped till April  we are forced to cut Lucky Star in to 2 parts.

More updates to follow:….. Also a new Calendar for March.

In the mean time here is little video shot at  New York City Comic con 2009.

EDIT: Lucky Star LE  Vol 6 has been cancelled…….T_T read all about it:

No Change in plans though

It is time to restart the “Question of the Week” 2-10-09

9 Feb

I know … I know … There has not been a Question of the week in a while. (actually since last year) anyhow please feel free to answer past questions..

Well this is kind of a big one out there…

What made you become a fan of the whole anime phenomenon?

what kind of question is that? I don't know!!!

what kind of question is that? I don't know!!!

Guess what the event for this month is?

9 Feb

Lets just say is for Mature Audience and it involves  a furry riding a motorcycle. More info to come also flyers.

To All that missed The New York City Comic Con on Friday.

6 Feb

Wait for it, it is coming as soon as I get home.