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Miku Hatsune Music Video Showcase

30 Mar

Ok unless you being living under a rock or dont even care about anime(perhaps you should not be reading this in the first place) you have no clue what we are taking  about:

Miku Hatsune is a virtual idol which developed form the software Vocaloid 2 by the Yamaha company. The software is used to create vocals from voice samples (in Miku’s case Saki Fujita, a japanese voice actress) which in turn can be used in songs. Now our great cousins from the land of the rising sun have elaborated on this not just on concept art but in full length music videos. 

      Miku is so popular that she has made appearances in some of the hottest anime to date and her image is wildly popular around otaku. Such as the legendary Kagamiku(Kagami from Lucky Star cosplaying as Miku)


and Yuichiro Nagashima (Japanese cosplayer kick boxer).

Ok and we cant forget the great 3D [pv] videos.

Also Black Rock Shooter


So on April 2dn we will be watching an array of different Miku Hatsune music videos

Stay tuned for next month’s calendar.

Postponed till further notice.


So Another Great Anime Has Come To An End: LUCKY STAR

30 Mar

Yeah so its over;

Congratulations on our first  official Anime TV series screenings!!!!(^.^).

Thank You Brooklyn College Anime And Manga Corps

Thank You Brooklyn College Anime And Manga Corps


We hope this will be a trend not just for us but to other club is general in order to help the Anime industry and make it flourish once more.

Thank you guys for sticking around and watching it with us.

Also thank our good friends over at Bandai-Ent for making this a reality.

One last thing: Now that you have seen all the episodes we want to hear your thoughts and opinions on it….

Fall 2009 tentative Anime series screening

30 Mar

Question of the Week 3-27-2009

27 Mar

OK people this is not exactly a question of the week being that it is almost posted twice a month(If lucky).

Well people here it is : After watching the our Makoto Shinkai marathon (btw there was CAKE) and having our hearts broken by the themes involved in his films we thought this was a good question. Here show your sensitive otaku side.

    Has an anime ever driven you to tears? Not because it was bad but because it was either that awesome, sad or you found a personal connection to that anime.

Epic ending to 5 centimeters per second

Epic ending to 5 centimeters per second

OK Fellow Anime Fans:It is project time

24 Mar

We are thinking of a kick ass project in the not so distant future. It basically involves an open house Q&A regarding anime and manga. Now we understand that we are not supreme experts on this but we will try and answer questions to the best of our abilities.  As some of us lean toward one or more aspects of this genera. This project is from the Fans point of view to inform other fans and potential club members.

We require your input  and people who are articulated enough to handle answering these type of questions. As this has the potential of broadening up the club.

Also due to the recent media reports about hentai games and anime there will not be a mention of those subjects in our Q&A. Sorry

We are listening

We are listening

Here is our latest screening: The Makoto Shinkai Marathon

21 Mar

Well now that we are done with all that senseless violence of Afro-samurai  and to mellow ourselves out after midterms here is a yes you know it, Just click below to enlarge

Here is a little description of the films and our revenge on BCNN.

Ok This month’s calendar is up so check it out ^_^….

2 Mar

As you all know there are situations beyond our control so all screenings are subject to change.

Just go on to our pages and click on this month’s calendar..

Working late huh...

Working late huh...