Central Park Media R.I.P

29 Apr

Well it is sad to say but an era has come to an end. We could have seen this a mile away or as soon as 2 years ago.  One of the former big players in anime distribution closed it doors as of Monday. Now this comes as of no surprise to us as seen that the company had not released any new material in the last year and for those who attended the first New York  Anime  Fest back in 2007  can remember what happen on the last day of the convention at the Central Park Media booth.

We are extremely grateful for the existence of this company as back in the day they brought us great tittles like Project A-ko, MD Geist, Ira The Zeram Eliminator  and Wrath Of The Ninja. And for us perverts and probably our first hentai: La Blue Girl.


Some little trivia for you guys:Our official  club name is Brooklyn College Anime And Manga Corps this was probably taken from the division of Central Park media’s U.S Manga Corps.


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