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Well we have reached the end of the road!!!(For now)

13 May

Well with this week being the last week of class. Brooklyn College Anime Corps will like to congratulate all of those who are graduating this year. Also like all good things this must too come to an end. We thank you for all the memories and laughs we had with you at the club.

We will miss you and can only hope you keep us in your heart.

With the end of this semester there is lots to look forward. We the E-board will work hard to make the next semester better than the last. Thank you for sticking  around and to all of those who are not attending summer classes have a great summer. By the way good luck on finals.


CPM Titles Get A New Life (Sort of) Thanks to ADV

7 May

Well it looks like some of the more popular titles from Central Park media are going to see new light again.

Grave Of The Fireflies , Then And Now, The World of Narue and M.D Geist are set for July 2009 releases according to both and

No word yet on Project A-ko , Wrath Of The Ninja, Demon City Shinjuku or The Ping Pong Club.

In regards to ADV:

 Lets just say that 2008 was not their year.

 They lost Gurren laggan, 5cm Per Second, and  ARM Corporation pulled their support  this let to a licence transfer to over 30 titles to Funimation.

Lets not forget about Newtype and PiQ.

Hint:They no longer exist.(In U.S)