CPM Titles Get A New Life (Sort of) Thanks to ADV

7 May

Well it looks like some of the more popular titles from Central Park media are going to see new light again.

Grave Of The Fireflies , Then And Now, The World of Narue and M.D Geist are set for July 2009 releases according to both Animenewsnetwork.com and rightstuf.com.

No word yet on Project A-ko , Wrath Of The Ninja, Demon City Shinjuku or The Ping Pong Club.

In regards to ADV:

 Lets just say that 2008 was not their year.

 They lost Gurren laggan, 5cm Per Second, and  ARM Corporation pulled their support  this let to a licence transfer to over 30 titles to Funimation.

Lets not forget about Newtype and PiQ.

Hint:They no longer exist.(In U.S)


One Response to “CPM Titles Get A New Life (Sort of) Thanks to ADV”

  1. Ram May 10, 2009 at 8:27 pm #

    dude, you have to air some more tora dora, Eden of the East/ k-on,

    also, I;m going to bring in my Memories dvd, these kids need a History lesson

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