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Long Live The King Of Pop: Michael Jackson dead at 50

25 Jun

Whether you love him or hate him you cant deny the joy that his music brought to the world.

The world lost an Icon:

vlcsnap-222509We will miss you Michael.


Rest in Peace Michael Jackson and Thank You


The Father of Gundam Comes to New York….

20 Jun

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the birth of Gundam and not to leave the legacy behind the awesome dudes at the New York Anime Fest have lined up  their guest of honor. None other than Yoshiyuki Tomino the director of Mobile Suit Gundam.  We are very glad than Mr Yoshiyuki Tomino is coming to New York  and New York Anime Fest for pulling strings and making this possible.  Also look forward to a full coverage on NYAF 2009  and Otakon 2009.


A 1/1 scale Gundam RX 78-2 in Odaiba ,Japan

Behold every Gundam Fan’s dream…..

Source: Anime News Network , New York Anime Fest

Nekomimi no mode!!!

16 Jun

Well it looks grim for fellow perverts and the like.  It looks like due to recent potential regulation and media hysteria a potential loop hole has been close. It looks like “in future, it appears games featuring non-human heroines and pregnancy may not be allowed on sale in shops.” according to one adult visual novel publisher(Norn)


Souce: Canned Dogs

The New Trailer for “Summer Wars”

16 Jun

As some of you remember last year the club officially screened the film “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” . It was such a success that the college newspaper the Excelsior wrote a whole article on it. Now here is director Mamoru Hosoda’s latest work the film “Summer Wars”.  It follows the same patter of being a light hearted, and sometimes touching film.

Some notable people attached to this film were involved in some of our favorite anime series and movies such as Evangelion’s character designer  Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and  Youji Takeshge  who has worked on a couple of Miyazaki’s films.

There is something to look  forward mybe next year.

Source: Anime news network.,Anime nation. Kadokawa Channel

Japan Day 2009

4 Jun

Ok for all of you that missed Japan Day 2009 at Central Park here are a couple of vids and pics.

Sorry about the sound quality!!

She has the voice of an angel and a very touching personal story. Check out her page at

Former and Current Presidents along with some old members

Former and Current Presidents along with some old members

We thank the people that put this together. It was such an awesome experience to share Japanese culture in one of the worlds greatest city.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Hope to see you next year ….

Question to club members:^_^

4 Jun

Do you guys still want to meet in the summer?
There is no one at the student center so we can arrange a few things for you guys…

Just so you know: Rape games got banned

4 Jun

Well we are probably the 9,000 site (until it reaches over 9,000) to cover this news.
Yup the EOCS bans the rape games.
Here are 2 versions of the story one by Sankaku complex and the other by anime news network.
you decide:

(warning :Sankaku contains some graphic material (cough  cough nudity)

here is anime news network







You got to love loli-pops