Apple Kissa Maid Cafe at New York Anime Festival!

20 Apr

Moe Kyun~! ❤

Moar good news!! New York Anime Festival 2010 comes back in hosting a maid cafe, the Apple Kissa Maid Cafe. To those who are into the trend of master/maid/butler, moe, and lotsa fun you are in luck! If you ever dreamed of being a maid for at least a day or two, NYAF is granting that opportunity to the public turn that into reality! Anyone who is interested in volunteering to serve as a maid or even butler for a day or the whole weekend for NYAF, click here for more details and application.

**Great chance for those who wanted to help out as maids for the BC Anime Manga club’s Maid Cafe, event which switched to Cosplay Cafe.

Also, you can visit their MySpace page for more info, click here.

Want a glimpse of the maids!? Check the videos below…!

They danced to the song “GEE” from Girls Generation [SNSD]!



One Response to “Apple Kissa Maid Cafe at New York Anime Festival!”

  1. sunny snsd August 27, 2010 at 12:41 pm #

    SNSD is the top girl group in Korea now. Their music is so addictive.

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