What’s Next in Our Agenda?

28 May

Hey Gang!

As our Spring semester came to a closing, we should now start thinking about fun stuff! Haha! Though most likely some of us will be taking Summer classes, we should not let that dim our hopes. So, what is next?

First off, we have Japan Day on June 6th! Umm.. an event held at Central Park, doesn’t this event sound like a picnic? Be sure to bring mats to sit on~ Last year, Japan Day was a fun-filled experience, with lots of pop music, mucho delicious food, and of course a herd of cosplayers. They even performed a Naruto skit on stage that day.

Secondly, we have Otakon 2010 on July 30th –  August 1st! We are heading to Baltimoreeeee~~ Have you booked a room already? If not, do not wait! Grab whatever you can if you plan to attend Otakon! Plan ahead to room with a few more people rather than just yourself, hey the more the merrier~!

Also, is anyone up for AnimeNext 2010 on June 18th – 20th? If anyone is going, let’s get together and go as a group~!


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