From The Bizarre Ashes: Club Schedule

20 Sep

Hello all,

First thing is that I decided to name these posts, the name of choice came from my username.

While not much has been established I can let you in on some events that may possibly arise over the course of the semester. I know details are a bit sketchy but things like date, time and location aren’t even really being thought about now. So expect updates and/or other posts on this.

1) A club member wishes to have a workshop based on the art of cosplaying. I can definitely tell you this much: if you think cosplaying is interesting you should try it. I am new to it (only cosplayed at Otakon 2010) and I don’t think I have ever had so much fun. I think that people could take a lot away from this workshop (this needs to be discussed with said club member as I would love for this to happen.)

2) A Halloween party: this is really unknown especially since we might end up having to merge with SUBO’s (Student Building’s) party, while I think we would be in charge of the costume part it is suboptimal since normal Halloween costumes and cosplaying are two completely separate entities.

3) A holiday party: since this is so far away there is really nothing I can say about this as I really know nothing about it (I doubt anyone does). I would still expect this to occur in some form.

4) A “cosplay cafe”: this event (at least from my experience from the one this spring; there should be an earlier post covering it here) is somewhat deceptively named. There really wasn’t much cosplay. It was really a karaoke party. This is another event that I would be very surprised not to see materialize; if not a separate entity then at least shoe-horned into another party.

That about wraps up the possible events (simply put I can’t think of any other events). Remember there are clubs meetings every Tuesday during common hours (about 12:15 PM-2:15PM) in the Student Building on the fourth floor.

Another reminder, as NYAF is just over 2 weeks away, don’t forget to pre-register before the event (it makes everything so much easier). I believe that you can discuss this with any of the executive members (although you should seek me out first as it is my job to act as the liaison between the members and the president, vice-president and treasurer; and I guess the head of cleaning and the head of party to a lesser extent). I think that if you have the money for NYAF, that the club will handle getting the badge for you, I am not entirely sure and I think this might be addressed at the next club meeting on September 21st 2010 during common hours.

Lastly if you have any ideas please feel free to run them past me, if they are at least decent I will probably talk to the others about it.

So until next time; rising up from the bizarre ashes,

Your loyal club secretary


Seth Tobias Zeltzer


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