From The Bizarre Ashes: New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con Convention Report Part 1

9 Oct

Hello readers,

I decided to try my hand at posting some detailed reports of my time at NYAF/NYCC. This will be a three part special (one post per day). Hopefully this will give you an insight not only into my experience at this con but hopefully an appreciation of what goes into attending a con. A quick note: I will not mention most of the times when I posed for pics. I can’t remember when it was and I lost track of how many people took pics of me very early into the con.

My NYAF/NYCC day 1 began at midnight. I needed to clean up so that includes showering, shaving and styling my hair (which turned out poorly in my opinion). I goofed around for quite a while after that. At around 4 or 5 I went to sleep and woke up at 7. I goofed around some more, got dressed in blue suit and all, ate breakfast while goofing around. Left my house at about 9:45 in costume with sign in hand. I got on the subway and got off at 34th street and walked down to the Javits Center. I killed some time in the lobby by posing for pictures. Eventually I ran into a friend who was setting up a table in the artist’s alley. I returned to the lobby, had more pictures taken of me and met some club members. My phone rang and my friend from a card store I frequent wanted to meet for a bit. I rejoined with my fellow club members and met someone from a forum I post on (who ID’ed me by my costume, sign and referring to me by my forum handle), and after parting ways with her we just sat down for a bit waiting for everything to open to the general public. A little after one (when everything was open) we headed towards the dealer’s room. The line was HUGE. It snaked around the food court into a huge room and snaked back and forth maybe 7 times before exiting the room leading to escalator which brought us to another set of escalators. We arrived in the dealer’s room and I immediately set out to find Kinokuniya’s booth. I met the cashier (who I know from a forum) and said my goodbyes before deciding to wander around the dealer’s room checking out certain booths (these include Halolz, Troll and Toad and Wizards of the coast which I will from now refer to as WotC). Halolz was very close to kino so I headed over there. I only wanted to go there because I knew Brentalfloss was supposed to be there (Brentalfloss for those of you who don’t know makes the “what if ‘X’ had lyrics” videos; in which X is usually if not always music from video games, for Screw Attack that end up on youtube). I saw him but decided to go back later. I headed to Troll and Toad slightly curious to see their stock of Magic: the Gathering (which they didn’t even have surprisingly enough). Making our way through all the comic tables (which didn’t interest me in the least) we reached the opposite end of the room and took at looks at Wotc’s area. I made my way back to kino’s booth when the forum member who I met earlier had texted me asking if I wanted to meet up at Kino’s booth. When I arrived I noticed the cashier was out for lunch which I had known was a possibility since he told me so when I first saw him. I met another forum member and the first one had arrived. We wandered a bit until the cashier returned. We talked, took a group shot and went out separate ways. Soon after I met a friend from Brooklyn College. I returned to Halolz only to see Brentalfloss leaving for an hour or so. So the two of us wandered around the dealer’s room taking interest in most non-comic displays. After making a huge circle we returned to Halolz, Brentalfloss had returned and I was able to get a picture with him and bought his CD and a (what I believe is a con exclusive) poster both of which he autographed. I left the Javits center with a few others to go to the McDonalds that is nearby. I just got a large chocolate shake since I had (and still have) a sore throat. I returned to the dealer’s room, saw a few more friends (including one who was cosplaying a character from the same series as me). I met a large group of friends after a little more wandering around. We decided to head over to the Capcom panel where they were going to unveil characters from Marvel vs Capcom 3. The line was too long (even after finding more friends who were maybe halfway through the line) so we headed to another panel. On the way we passed a panel for The Venture Bros. (which I am a huge fan of but even that had a large line, although not large enough that we wouldn’t get in), but I continued with my friends and went to the panel with the New York premiere of the anime movie “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.” I wasn’t too happy since I didn’t watch the series so I thought I would just be bored for up to 2 hours. How wrong I was. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Afterwards we leaved the Javits center, stopped for food and then headed home. Once back home I uploaded the (very few) pics I took. The only thing left to do is mend my sign since it got a little…okay a lot more banged up than I expected. Tape to the rescue.

So I hope you enjoyed this look into my NYAF/NYCC day 1 experience. Part 2 should be up tomorrow so, but before that I think I will do a small piece on The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

So until next time; rising up from the bizarre ashes,

You devoted club secretary


Seth Tobias Zeltzer

(Me and Brentalfloss)
Wow just over 1000 words.


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