From The Bizarre Ashes: Minori Chihara Concert and NYAF Masquerade

10 Oct

Dear readers,

So one of the highlights of day 2 for not only me but many of those attending NYAF is the famous masquerade event. For those of who don’t know the masquerade event is where people (while cosplaying) perform rehearsed skits. There is a stark difference between NYAF’s masquerade and Otakon’s masquerade and that is that the skits at NYAF are screened so only the good ones will make it. One difference was that for the first time ever they allowed walk-ons (which turned out to be just like a fashion show of sorts). So after snagging a good seat I was ready for the Chihara concert. While I was not terribly excited for it, it was still a great event. Minori Chihara is a great singer (she also provides the voice for Yuki Nagato from the series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). Some of the music was just amazing and the crowd was electric; they really got into it. The concert lasted about 45 minutes. After 10 minutes to set up for the masquerade, the event was about ready to start. We were introduced to the MC for the event; Uncle Yo. Uncle Yo, for those you know aren’t familiar with him, has been the MC for the NYAF masquerade every year since it’s inception and he also does stand up (at cons I believe). He is extremely funny and boasts many skills from jokes referencing 4chan to interactions with the performers (which I am almost 100% sure were ad-libbed) to being able to kill time during long set ups for skits (apparently he pulls his material during this time from his stand up). I will attempt to put together a decent list of the skits and walk-ons. I will warn you in advance that some skits will have much more information than others, simply because I might only know the series and not the characters or in an extreme I won’t know anything about the skit. As I am not entirely sure some of my info might also be incorrect but i hope to fill this out completely.

UPDATE: The list should be complete now thanks to American Cosplay Experience/Paradise. Video from the masquerade should now be found on youtube courtesy of ACP/ACE.

Skit 1: Legend of Zelda; Zelda and Ganondorf (I believe they were out of Twilight Princess). They sung a song based on the stigmas of cosplays, especailly those around women cosplayers; like how girls might make full body armor to wear even though most characters who wear armor are male).
Skit 2: Clover; not sure what was going on.
Skit 3: Sailor Moon Super S; Sailor Moon. I am not too sure what was going on in the skit.
Walk-ons 1: Aku (Samurai Jack), Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop), Madame Mirage, Seras Victoria, Thor (comic).
Skit 4: Code Geass; Dancing with some violence.
Skit 5: Muramasa: The Demon Blade; Some battling against cardboard standups. Note: Beforehand (while the skit was being set up, Uncle Yo did a great job at stalling, no wonder he loves stalling).
Skit 6: Super Mario; Mario. mario dancing to some of the music from early Super Mario games.
Walk-ons 2: Character from How to Train Your Dragon (movie), Allen Walker (D. Gray-Man), Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid) and (I believe this was a skit).
At this point there were a few songs sung as a small break: World Ends and Morphin Time sung by “Scott Pilgrim”
I am not sure if this was a skit or a walk-on: X-men, (comic) many of the X-men together dancing.
Skit 7: Saiunkoku Monogatari; Not really sure what was going on but there was a lot of dancing.
Skit 8: Naruto; I am not sure of all the characters but I know there was a Kakashi. Reenactment of the Family Guy, The Bird is the Word song (mostly Peter’s spoken bits and song)
Skit 9: Avatar (movie). This skit included a very well done Na’vi (with a bow and arrow) and a human wearing an amazing, huge (seriously it was almost as tall as the entire set) mechanical suit.
Walk-ons 3: Werewolf Sonic the Hedgehog (Video Game), Codex (The Guild), Carnage (Spiderman), Venom (Spiderman), Thor (comic).
Skit 10: Pokemon; Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Togepi. Answering an important question: Is Misty a female?
Skit 11: Devil May Cry 3. I think there was something regarding RPGs.
Walk-ons 4: Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe), Wonder Woman (Comic), Steam Punk Iron Man, Tali (Mass Effect), Ares (comic).
Skit 12: Paradise Kiss: I believe it was similar to an acceptance speech.
At this point there was an intermission; a skit from the same guy who sang the songs earlier (Scott Pilgrim). He was dressed as Scott Pilgrim and the intermission skit was about Scott Pilgrim traveling to NYAF/NYCC and having to fight people, duel (a la Yu-Gi-Oh), etc.
After the intermission the winners of the Awards were given. First were for the Walk-ons
Anime Walk-on: Faye Valentine
Comic Walk-on: Wonder Woman
Best Web Series: Codex
Best Dance-off: X-men
Best Overall: Steam Punk Iron Man
Gaia Online Viewer’s Choice 2nd: Avatar (Skit 9).
Gaia Online Viewer’s Choice 1st: Super Mario (Skit 6).
Yume Cup Honorable Mentions: Revolutionary Tango (Skit 4), Avatar (Skit 9).
Yume Cup Craftsmanship 2nd: Clover (Skit 2).
Yume Cup Craftsmanship 1st: Muramasa: Demon Blade (Skit 5).
Yume Cup Best Performance Runner Up: Mario Dance (Skit 6).
Yume Cup Best Performance Winner: Saiunkoku Monogatari (Skit 7).
Yume Cup Winner: Zelda (Skit 1).

And there you have it. The two responsible for bringing us the Zelda skit won a trip to Japan and some serious spending money. They definitely deserved. It was one of my favorite skits; with the Mario one a close second or a tie. And before leaving I was able to get a pic with Uncle Yo. So that was the masquerade.

So until next time; rising up from the bizarre ashes,

Your sick club secretary


Seth Tobias Zeltzer

Me and Uncle Yo


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