From The Bizarre Ashes: New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con Convention Report Part 2

10 Oct

Hello my readers,

A quick note: This segment will be only 2 parts. I have been sick since Thursday and I pushed through the first two days but Sunday was not worth attending. There wasn’t anything I really cared about. The only thing I would have really had to report about was having pictures taken of me. I hope this turns out a good as part 1, but my brain has been frying for about 4 days now.

So anyway, my second day was interesting. After getting back from the first day I fixed my sign and did some assorted work on the internet to share what happened on day one. I slept for 2 hours or so and then made my way back to the Javits center. When I got there I got on line; which was huge. The line was to get to the dealer’s room (which I didn’t even want to go to). I met up with friends and we walked around a bit. One of my friends bought some Magic: The Gathering and we sat down in the food court while he popped the packs. Afterwards I believe that we headed over to the artist’s alley where my friend picked up and asked for commissions. The time I spent in the artist’s alley was filled with pictures being taken of me. Literally one person asking for a picture ended up being 10+ pictures taken of me. While in the artist alley I saw my friends from the forums I post on (same ones as the previous day minus the one who was working in the dealer’s room). I sat with some friends and paid a small amount of attention to the stage where there was some type of entertainment. Nothing too good. While there I also ran into the ones responsible for The Wild Card Photo Shoot that I was planning on attending a little later in the day. I walked over to the food court and waited for the photo shoot to start up. I would just like to say to the two responsible. I am so sorry how poorly it turned out. Not many people showed up. I understand the difficulty of organizing a photo shoot. All of my efforts since Otakon ended really amounted to nothing. Anyway during the photo shoot I actually sat down against the wall and napped for about 10 minutes. I guess the bug I got and the lack of sleep caught up to me. Afterwards I met up with some of the BCAM corps members and decided what to do with the masquerade. After a little mix up and meeting up with some other friends (whose secret costume I finally got a chance to see). We got in line to the masquerade. After realizing there was a special line for Press we were able to get in before the general public (and after the people with the Chihara badges). The concert and masquerade were both done extremely well. I will not cover that here, rather I will make a separate post for the Chihara concert and masquerade. After the masquerade we left and I returned home. I proceeded to pass out and spent the entirety of the third day sleeping.

So that was my NYAF/NYCC experience. As I was writing this post I realized that I can still make this con report a three part special. So hopefully tomorrow I will have finished part three which will just be the odds and ends; stuff like what I needed to do to get ready far in advance from the con.

So until next time; rising up from the bizarre ashes,

Your crazy club secretary


Seth Tobias Zeltzer


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