From The Bizarre Ashes: Halloween Party

24 Oct

Hello Readers,

Well that special time of the year when all the ghosts and ghouls emerge from the shadows repeating the unholiest of mantras: “trick or treat”; yes Halloween is nearly upon us. For some of us this time of year gives us an excuse to dress up as a hero, villain, or other character from some bit of pop culture or history that we love or identify with. For others this is a time of great annoyance having to deal with costumed “weirdos” and frequent trick or treaters. And for some All Hallow’s Eve gives us an excuse to throw a party (usually a costume party). I am here to tell you that the Brooklyn College Anime Manga Club in conjunction with the Sci-Fi club and M.E.Do. (I am sorry but I cannot remember what it stands for all I am pretty sure is it the Dominican club though). I am not entirely sure what entertainment is planned but if you are looking for a nice little (or big) party to attend look no further than our Halloween Party.

The All Saint’s Eve Extravaganza begins at 7:00PM in the SUBO basement and lasts until 11:00PM. Admittance is $3 unless you are wearing a costume in which case admission is free. My advice, if you want to attend throw something together that can be called a costume so you don’t need to pay. I was thinking that I would not bother to go in costume (as I am not really one for parties and wearing a costume on my way to campus and in class might be interesting to see some people’s reactions is not a very desirable thing for me) but perhaps I will throw on my blue suit and don my Phoenix Wright persona yet again (I am still on the fence about it).

My prediction: I really don’t know what to expect mostly because I do not know what is happening during the course of the party. My initial reaction to hearing what this party would be like was this thing is going to be FUBAR (fouled up beyond all repair/recognition; a slightly censored version of what the abbreviation stands for). And unfortunately I still think this going to be the case at least to some extent. Normally at these kind of events we have people playing card games (mostly Magic: the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh) and that is not going to be allowed at this party.

While the ideal for the Anime/Manga Club would have been an event similar to last semester’s cosplay cafe, due to certain constraints we were unable to have an event like that for Halloween.

So expect to see me there, possibly rocking my blue suit. While my expectations are kind of low I am hoping to be proven wrong.

So until next time; rising up from the bizarre ashes,

Your (possibly) costumed secretary,


Seth Tobias Zeltzer


One Response to “From The Bizarre Ashes: Halloween Party”

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