From The Bizarre Ashes: Event Updates

19 Mar

Hello readers,

First let me apologize for this long hiatus (I can’t believe it has been nearly three months since I have made a post so expect a post that will summarize the semester), this semester has been a bit rough and I haven’t been able to find the initiative to write anything (and I still don’t really so excuse the lackluster effort on this post).

Anyway the events that are going to encompass the rest of the semester (Video Game tournament, Dodgeball tournament, Eva 2.22 screening and the cosplay cafe) will now be charitable functions. As you likely know Japan has been struck by several terrible earthquakes that have caused tsunamis and nuclear issues and as such we will be enforcing a suggested donation at all of our events this semester. I believe we will be asking for $5, but give whatever you can. So please join us at our events and contribute something. No matter how trite it sounds, every little bit helps.

So until next time,

Your Secretary,


Seth Tobias Zeltzer


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