From The Bizarre Ashes: Updates

10 Aug

Hello readers,

Once again I cannot express my regret enough that I have not been updating the blog. I have not had the drive to write. Even these next few posts might not be great as I am pushing through in order to write some more posts. From where I last left off at the beginning of April, we wrapped up the semester with the last few events:

1) A dodgeball tournament
2) Screening of Fooly Cooly
3) Cosplay Cafe II

I won’t really mention the dodgeball event as it didn’t make much of an impression. We didn’t raise a lot of money for Japan and the event wasn’t anything terribly special. The Fooly Cooly screening (all 6 episodes) replaced the Evangelion 2.22 movie screening which we felt was inappropriate to screen in the wake of the earthquakes in Japan. The Cosplay Cafe (a little misnamed admittedly as it is not much of a cafe and there was virtually no cosplay) was very nice and was one of my favorite events of the semester. It featured karaoke (if not a poor setup) where people sang songs ranging from video game favorites to Disney to Vocaloid (videos of which can be found on our Youtube page:, refreshments (cakes, cookies, coffee, tea, soda, etc) and a terrific performance from Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer. I am sorry but my memory is not terrific and I have forgotten a bit about some of these events. I remember being completely confused while watching FLCL at the screening (my first time watching it) and running around a lot for the Cosplay Cafe.

Everything else finished as per usual (more or less), we finished screening all of the Genshiken anime, and unfortunately were unable to finish screening Eden of the East due to time constraints. Our club elections also proceeded fine and there is a changing of the guard that I think I will elaborate more on at a later date (probably one of the earlier posts for the coming semester).

I will be writing more post(s) centered around my experience around Otakon.

So keep on reading. Until next time,

Your secretary president,


Seth Tobias Zeltzer

Me and Jenny from the Cosplay Cafe II after singing Magnet


One Response to “From The Bizarre Ashes: Updates”

  1. Antian0n May 4, 2012 at 10:00 pm #

    well if it isn’t the woman I’ve known for these past three years…I’ve missed…all this time…

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