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From The Bizarre Ashes: End of Year Party

10 Dec

Hello Readers,

The second annual BCAM End of Year Party has come and gone and the event was amazing. There was something for just about everyone: there was food and beverages, desserts, card games (Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic), video games (Super Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue), music (courtesy of our very good friend Julian aka DJ cariƱo), dancing to said music and if nothing else just people to hang out with.

I spent most of my time moving back and forth across the room doing a few things:
1) Cleaning up
2) Taking pictures for not only myself but also Ed the club president
3) Getting people to sign the attendance sheet (in which we amassed approximately 60 names!)

As I spent my time going back and forth across the room, I was able to see first hand, how much fun people were having. I was great to see people relaxing and having fun (especially since Finals begin shortly). Even though I was constantly busy making sure the party was going smoothly I still managed to have a great time. I think I was very happy to see everyone enjoying themselves.

Unfortunately there were some unfortunate turn of events. Mostly this was that we planned on doing Karaoke, but as we didn’t get a mic with the setup and no one asked we just didn’t do it. It is a shame but fortunately that didn’t really hinder the party at all.

Easily my favorite part of the night was Ed’s speech to everyone. He expressed his appreciation towards not only the other executive members (which includes myself, Jenny the VP and Justin the treasurer) but also towards everyone who showed up and truly helped make this party the success that it was. I really was embarrassed when Ed said such nice things about me and had me speak to the crowd (Justin and Jenny had done the same before me). It was a very surreal moment for me (as I don’t really like public speaking all that much; and I was met with a hail of OBJECTION!‘s and HOLD IT!‘s when I mentioned cosplaying). I am very happy to know that I am doing a good job and I feel a great sense of accomplishment in seeing the party come to fruition.

So lastly I would like to offer my own thanks to Ed, Jenny and Justin for doing so much work for this party and for putting up with me. Thanks to everyone who attended and made the party great and finally I want to thank Julian for entertaining us for the four or so hours that the party lasted, you truly did a great job.

All I can say (and I am quite sure I can speak for the other executive members when I say this) is thank you to everyone who has showed up to not only this party but has contributed to something during the semester. It has been a wild ride; from NYAF/NYCC to the less than spectacular Halloween Party to the Thanksgiving, GMB Video Game and End of Year parties.

I would like to take this opportunity before I end to wish everyone good luck on their finals/projects, the happiest of holidays and a very happy, healthy and safe new year.

Until next time; rising up from the bizarre ashes,

Your appreciative secretary,


Seth Tobias Zeltzer

Ed, Justin, Jenny and myself

And as a little bonus

TCD Group Shot!
If you don’t understand this don’t worry too much, it’s a bit of an inside joke.


From The Bizarre Ashes: Halloween Party

24 Oct

Hello Readers,

Well that special time of the year when all the ghosts and ghouls emerge from the shadows repeating the unholiest of mantras: “trick or treat”; yes Halloween is nearly upon us. For some of us this time of year gives us an excuse to dress up as a hero, villain, or other character from some bit of pop culture or history that we love or identify with. For others this is a time of great annoyance having to deal with costumed “weirdos” and frequent trick or treaters. And for some All Hallow’s Eve gives us an excuse to throw a party (usually a costume party). I am here to tell you that the Brooklyn College Anime Manga Club in conjunction with the Sci-Fi club and M.E.Do. (I am sorry but I cannot remember what it stands for all I am pretty sure is it the Dominican club though). I am not entirely sure what entertainment is planned but if you are looking for a nice little (or big) party to attend look no further than our Halloween Party.

The All Saint’s Eve Extravaganza begins at 7:00PM in the SUBO basement and lasts until 11:00PM. Admittance is $3 unless you are wearing a costume in which case admission is free. My advice, if you want to attend throw something together that can be called a costume so you don’t need to pay. I was thinking that I would not bother to go in costume (as I am not really one for parties and wearing a costume on my way to campus and in class might be interesting to see some people’s reactions is not a very desirable thing for me) but perhaps I will throw on my blue suit and don my Phoenix Wright persona yet again (I am still on the fence about it).

My prediction: I really don’t know what to expect mostly because I do not know what is happening during the course of the party. My initial reaction to hearing what this party would be like was this thing is going to be FUBAR (fouled up beyond all repair/recognition; a slightly censored version of what the abbreviation stands for). And unfortunately I still think this going to be the case at least to some extent. Normally at these kind of events we have people playing card games (mostly Magic: the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh) and that is not going to be allowed at this party.

While the ideal for the Anime/Manga Club would have been an event similar to last semester’s cosplay cafe, due to certain constraints we were unable to have an event like that for Halloween.

So expect to see me there, possibly rocking my blue suit. While my expectations are kind of low I am hoping to be proven wrong.

So until next time; rising up from the bizarre ashes,

Your (possibly) costumed secretary,


Seth Tobias Zeltzer

BC Anime & Manga Latest Events/Activities

7 May

Irasshaimase BC!

It has been a roller coaster month for us. There was the Sakura Matsuri, BC Spring Fest, and our first ever Cosplay Cafe. Hope you were following us at our Facebook page, Brooklyn College Anime & Manga. We hope to do more events the following semesters~! Thanks to all who came over to the Cosplay Cafe to support us!

Sakura Matsuri Club Photo

Sakura Matsuri May 1st, 2010 - Club Photo

Spring Fest 2010 at BC

Cosplay Cafe 2010


A Cosplay Partehhh!!!

29 Apr

Yo people!

There is a Cosplay Party hosted by Japan Society, Cosplay Party 2.0!! So, get your cosplay and friends and join the fun! They will be screening the movie Evangelion You Are (Not) Alone; special guest include Uncle Yo; costume contest, and much more~! Check out for the details by clicking here.

Event will be held on Saturday, May 15, 2010; starting from 3 PM to 8:30 PM

Tickets: $20 for Non-members; $15 for Members

Experience more of what anime can offer beyond the screen!